WATCH: ‘Godfather’ Actor James Caan Defends Morgan Freeman: ‘God Made Men and Women to Be Attracted to Each Other’

James Caan / Morgan Freeman
James Caan / Morgan Freeman

Actor James Caan thinks that the world is a bit strange because stars like Morgan Freeman can’t express their God-given attraction to another person without being accused of inappropriate behavior.

“We’re becoming a very strange place,” Caan told TMZ while signing an autograph from his Mercedes-Benz. “I think that’s the way God made men and women so they could be attracted to each other.”

The Oscar nominee, 78, was responding to a question about how he felt regarding the allegations against Freeman and the endorsement deals he’s lost since.

The “Shawshank Redemption” actor is accused of sexually harassing or acting inappropriately toward at least 16 women and has since been dropped by TransLink, the public transit system in Vancouver that uses his voice, as well as Visa.

Freeman, 80, was accused by eight of the women speaking out against him in a CNN investigation for unwanted advancements like sexually-charged verbal harassment, touching and the alleged attempt of lifting one production assistant’s skirt.

“(He) kept trying to lift up my skirt and asking if I was wearing underwear,” the unidentified woman told CNN.

But Cann remains a supporter of the “Driving Miss Daisy” star.

“No comments on Morgan,” Caan said. “He’s a good guy.”