Black Tourists Kicked Out of KFC in Germany Supposedly for Being ‘Too Loud’; Worker Says They Also ‘Threw Food’ and ‘Insulted’ Staff

KFC is facing racism accusations in Germany after a group of black customers were thrown out of one of its Berlin stores on Monday. In a video distributed online and recorded by a member of that group, police officers can be seen escorting the group out of the restaurant.

In the caption of the video, which had been viewed more than 250,000 times as of Thursday evening, the uploader accuses Berlin authorities and KFC of racist motives. “Racial treatment in Berlin in KFC, we were jus having something to eat n chatting #racismstillexist #neverexperiencethatbefore,” she writes. (The misspellings are in the original post.)

Berlin’s police department strongly rejected the accusations on Thursday and announced it would press charges against the individuals who were involved in recording and uploading the video for violating the officers’ privacy laws.

The video immediately triggered outrage on social media, even though KFC denied that racism triggered the incident. A spokeswoman for Berlin’s police department similarly said on Thursday that a KFC employee called officers to the store, complaining about ongoing “vandalism.”

Upon the arrival of police officers, a store worker explained that a “group of eight people refused to leave the store. They had thrown around food and insulted employees,” according to a police spokeswoman.

In a statement on Thursday, KFC said that the group’s “behavior alarmed several individuals,” who were in the store at the time. After “mediation efforts failed,” an employee called authorities.

German officials defended their subsequent response, saying that KFC has property rights and is allowed to ask individuals to leave.

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SOURCE: Rick Noack
The Washington Post