WATCH: Bishop Stephen Davis Welcomes Eddie Long’s Son, Edward Long, Back to New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

Edward Long (left) and Stephen A. Davis (YouTube screenshot)
Edward Long (left) and Stephen A. Davis (YouTube screenshot)

On Sunday, May 20th, Stephen Allen Davis, the pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL, and Stonecrest, GA, welcomed the late Bishop Eddie Long’s oldest son, Edward, back to New Birth in Lithonia, GA.

Apparently, for reasons undisclosed, Edward Long had been away from the church for a while presumably in the wake of his father’s death. In the words of Pastor Davis, he’s ‘one of the ones we haven’t seen around in a while.’

Watch the video below.

Eddie Long died on January 15, 2017, leaving behind his wife, Vanessa, and four children. Edward Long is the only child of his first marriage to Dabara S. Houston.

In a post on Instagram, Edward Long wrote: “I must say that Bishop Stephen Davis has earned a greater respect from me. His act of humility and kindness on yesterday truly blessed me and my family. In the same spirit, today I challenge everyone to do what you have to do to get on one accord with your fellow man.”

After his introduction, Edward Long went on to share a message with the congregation, many of whom were dressed in white due to the occasion of Pentecost Sunday.

According to Metro Black Atlanta, Edward Long leads Empower ATLanta, a ministry for young people, which meets on the first Sunday of each month at Beulah Heights University.

Long delivered the tribute below to his father at the funeral last year.

–Joshua James