Liberty University Professor Karen Swallow Prior Injured After Being Hit by a Bus

Liberty University English professor Karen Swallow Prior suffered multiple fractures and a collapsed lung after being hit by a bus while walking in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Amid outpouring of love and support, she says from her hospital bed her condition “is nothing short of miraculous.”

“My condition today is nothing short of miraculous,” Prior wrote on Facebook Friday, two days after the accident. “It was mostly pain free. Had visitors all day to cheer me on. I was able to sit up in bed and stand for a few minutes with a walker. Can’t walk yet and one lung is still a bit collapsed but your prayers have helped!”

On Thursday, Prior, a research fellow for the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, shared an update saying her surgery for a pelvic fracture went well. “My many cracked ribs are still interfering with my breathing, but that is getting better too. Please pray that the recovery that will be needed before I can walk again will be quick. I’m feeling better overall.”

She also jokingly wrote about “my trauma center glory,” as her husband, Roy, who drove to Nashville from Virginia to be at her side, liked her “Albert Einstein hair.” “Which is good because with seven staples in the back of my head it’s going to be a long time before I get a shampoo,” she wrote.

ERLC President Russell Moore wrote on Twitter that his wife, Maria, spent a day at the hospital with Prior. “We are grateful to God that Karen was not killed. Please keep praying for her!”

Trillia Newbell, ERLC director of community outreach, told Baptist Press, “We are all praying for her, praying for a quick recovery. It has been encouraging to see the outpouring of love and support for a dear sister, whom we hope recovers quickly.”

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Source: Christian Post