Here We Go: Christian Family Says LGBT Activists Continue to Threaten Them Even After They Closed Bridal Shop Over Harassment

The co-owner of a Pennsylvania bridal shop who felt she had no other option but to close her family’s business following attacks from LGBT activists, says their livelihood is still being threatened even after they closed the 22-year-old store in March.

Lisa Boucher, co-owner of the now closed W.W. Bridal in Bloomsburg, told The Christian Post on Thursday that she, her two sisters and mother decided to rent out their storefront to a woman who ran a secondhand clothing store.

Although the woman (who chose to remain unnamed in this article) had opened her store in the former location of W.W. Bridal in early April, she ultimately shut down the store about six weeks later after facing immense pressure from people believed to be LGBT advocates and allies who berated her for opening a business at that location.

“We did receive multiple complaints about where we chose to move our business to,” the unnamed store owner told CP in a text message. “Our sales did drop. We received text messages, calls and someone drove by my home.”

Boucher told CP that after finalizing the lease with the store owner on April 2, the woman ultimately decided to move her shop out of the family’s building on May 12.

“There was as bunch of people that started to come in and asked her questions about where she stood on marriage,” Boucher said over the phone. “She didn’t sell marriage attire. She sold secondhand clothing. There was no real need to even ask her that. We didn’t ask her that. That wasn’t something we had asked her in order to rent from us. It is up to her what her beliefs are.”

Boucher said the woman told her before opening the store that she had received a visit from an unknown man at her old location asking her why she was renting from Boucher and her family.

According to the woman, the man introduced himself as the “business killer of Bloomsberg.”

Boucher explained that other people also came to the store and told the owner that “they cannot support her” if she is renting the space from Boucher and her family. The woman sent Boucher screenshots of how some people threatened to boycott her store if she continues renting from the family.

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Source: Christian Post