Southern Baptist Professor Says Ramadan Can Be Beneficial to Christians

Christians in the U.S. can benefit from the hospitality Muslims extend during Ramadan, a Southern Baptist professor told Baptist Press, just as U.S. retailers are increasingly catering to the month-long celebration.

Party City, Whole Foods and Macy’s are offering festive decorations, modest clothing and discounts on ethnic foods this Ramadan, satisfying a Muslim market estimated at between 3.45 million and 5.7 million people.
Christians can use the month to build friendships with Muslims that might lead to sharing the Gospel, said Mike Edens, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary graduate studies dean and professor of theology and Islamic studies.

“The desire of Muslims to show hospitality to their neighbors especially during Ramadan gives me the opportunity to accept the invitation to an evening meal (iftar) with that family,” said Edens, who has ministered widely among Muslims abroad. “This opens the door for returned invitations and sharing opportunities.

“As a Christian I have the chance to intercede with the Father to give my Muslim neighbors opportunity during Ramadan to hear the Gospel and choose to follow Jesus,” Edens said. “Through all of this interaction, we Christians can see the devotion and family life of our Muslim neighbors and in fulfillment of the Golden Rule, desire for them a walk with Jesus.”

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Source: Baptist Press