Joel Osteen’s Emotional Reaction Caught on Camera as John Gray Says God Is Calling Him to Lead Another Church

Lakewood Church Senior Pastor Joel Osteen had an emotional response, which was captured on camera, after hearing that one of his church’s beloved pastors, John Gray, would be leaving to lead his own church in South Carolina.

The emotional interaction, which aired on “The Book of John Gray” on the Own Network May 5, took place after Pastor Ron Carpenter offered Gray the chance to take over as senior pastor of Redemption Church in Greenville, North Carolina, because Carpenter would be moving to San Jose, California, to take over the 14,000-member Jubilee Christian Center.

After much prayer, Gray, associate pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, said he had to muster the courage to tell Osteen that he would be leaving Lakewood.

“My wife and I prayed about it and we believe that, this is something God wants us to do, but I want to make sure I have your blessing,” Gray tells Osteen after explaining to him the offer he received from Carpenter.

The conversation is followed by a few moments of silence and then Osteen is heard sniffling, trying to hold back tears. Gray looks on, hoping the popular pastor would say something but then breaks the silence to express what preaching at Lakewood has meant to him over the past five years.

“Every time that I have been gifted to stand on your platform, I have endeavored to be an extension of your heart,” Gray says as he wept along with Osteen.

Osteen responds, “We were so grateful to have you, John. You have served with excellence, and integrity and so much honor.”

“I want you here for 50 years but more than that I want you to fulfill God’s call on your life,” a choked-up Osteen adds. “I know you have so much in you.”

He assures Gray that he is proud of him and will always be a support for him as he heads into this new season of ministry.

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Source: Christian Post