JD Greear Calls on SBC to Better Include Women in Leadership & Recommit to Exposing Abuse

The Southern Baptist Convention needs to include more women and minorities in its leadership, said Pastor J.D. Greear, who is a nominee for SBC president this year.

In a Facebook live video posted Thursday afternoon, Greear explained that he had a few things on his heart that he felt needed to be addressed by the nation’s largest Protestant denomination.

Greear, who leads Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, said in the video that while “our doctrine and our mission are solid,” he felt the SBC needed to either commit or recommit to doing a list of things.

Among them, argued Greear, was the status of women and minorities in the SBC, which he believed needed to be more proportionately represented in leadership.

“Our failure to listen to and honor women and racial minorities and our failure to include them in proportionate measures at top leadership roles have hindered our ability to see sin and injustice and call it out,” said Greear.

“It’s not that we need a charitably invite them to the table as if we’re sharing something, we need them, because God has gifted them with a wisdom, because of their experiences that we have been neglectful and lax and have guarded our institutions and our positions of leadership at our detriment. I think God is showing us that we need to repent for that posture and include our brothers and sisters of color and women in leadership.”

Despite calling for more female leadership, Greear echoed comments he made earlier this month in support for complementarianism, which states that men and women have distinct roles in church and the home.

Greear explained that he wanted the SBC to have “a complementarianism that recognizes the gifts that God gives to women in the church and seeks to empower them, that honors our sisters in Christ as equal in salvation, equal in value, and equal in spiritual giftings all while being faithful to the inerrant Word of God.”

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Source: Christian Post