Church Revitalization Drives Pastor Despite Paralysis

Face down on the floor of his hotel room, Dan Hall was fighting for every breath.

In August of 2016, he had just gotten into Houston on a late flight, settled into his hotel after midnight and started getting ready for an early morning meeting. It was all routine. As a longtime Baptist pastor and church revitalization consultant, sleep deprivation was Hall’s norm. He was used to solving churches’ life-or-death crises.

But this was different — now he appeared to be having one of his own. He suffered a pulmonary embolism, passed out, fell down and woke up a quadriplegic.

As he lay there that night, the weight of his own body worked against him, pushing him deeper into the carpet, his lungs unable to pull air in without hard-fought effort. Every few seconds, he would whisper a prayer, picture the face of one of his six children and four grandchildren and pull in as much air as he could. Then he would use what breath he had to try to cry for help.

He would do that for hours before being discovered by hotel staff. He would do it as the elevator ran up and down on the other side of the wall, carrying people who couldn’t hear him. He would do it with such determination that doctors would later fight an uphill battle clearing his lungs of the carpet fibers he had sucked in.

And Hall would try not to focus on the fact that he was dying.

“The Lord gave me grace in that moment to fight for my kids,” he said.

That kind of grace wasn’t new to him — Hall had actually learned to fight tooth and nail a long time ago, just a different kind of battle.

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Source: Baptist Press