Beth Moore on Paige Patterson Resignation: ‘Broken System’ Will Not Mend If Men Refuse to Listen

Prominent evangelist Beth Moore, founder of Living Proof Ministries, has responded to the resignation of Paige Patterson as Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary president, by telling men that the “broken system” will not change if they keep refusing to listen to what women have to say.

In comments posted on Twitter Thursday, as part of a conversation with Kyle J. Howard, a biblical counselor and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary student, Moore said she agrees and is “grateful” for the first steps taken by the seminary to replace Patterson. She added that the safety of women and girls should be the “top priority and urgency” in the entire process.

At the same time, she warned that “this broken system will not mend if men are simply and well-meaningly trained to view women as damsels in distress” that they must protect.

“This ideology still produces Supermen. Not healthy brothers,” she warned.

Moore said that protecting and defending is good, but what is needed for a healthy relationship in a family is “mutual respect.”

“Don’t save us, then refuse to listen to what we have to say. Don’t deliver us, then dismiss us. Don’t show us the way, then shoo us away. Work with us. Serve with us. See what value we have.”

The SWBTS Board of Trustees announced on Wednesday that Patterson would step down as president and be appointed as president emeritus with compensation. The announcement came amid several controversies over past comments Patterson made about whether abused wives should remain in their marriage and about the looks of a young woman.

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Source: Christian Post