Media Fuel Leftist Hate of President Trump by Jeff Crouere

According to the Media Research Center, broadcast television news coverage of President Trump was 90% negative in the first quarter of 2018. This is not an aberration for the antagonistic reporting has been constant since Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign on June 16, 2015.

On a daily basis, the liberal media present a sustained flow of Trump hating garbage masquerading as news reporting. It not only a hallmark of the broadcast news programs, but it also the type of biased coverage of the President presented by major newspapers and cable news outlets. The main exceptions are Fox News, conservative Internet sites and talk radio.

With this animosity being displayed on a constant basis, it is little wonder that some unhinged leftists have been aroused into a frenzy and have actually threatened President Trump. For example, actor Johnny Depp “joked” about assassinating the President whereas lame comedian Kathy Griffin imitated jihadists and posed holding a decapitated head bearing a strong resemblance to President Trump. In addition, multiple Oscar winning actor Robert DeNiro has regularly boasted of wanting to punch the President “in the face.”

The latest incident was even more troubling because it involved more than just threatening rhetoric. Early Friday morning at Trump National Doral Miami Resort, Jonathan Oddi, a dancer and porn actor, burst into the main lobby, yelling about President Trump among other topics. He draped an American flag over the main counter and began shooting a semi-automatic hand gun.

After pulling the fire alarm and luring police to the lobby, the suspect exchanged gun fire with numerous officers. Oddi was wounded, eventually subdued by police and arrested before he could kill any innocent people. Fortunately, neither President Trump nor any member of his family was at the Doral resort at the time of the shooting.

Even though Oddi fumed about Donald Trump, the media ignored his comments. Incredibly, CBS reported that his motives were unknown while CNN disregarded his anti-Trump comments entirely. Of course, CNN is a network that spends countless hours promoting Russian conspiracy theories and the Stormy Daniels controversy. CNN executives should feel plenty of guilt about their horrific coverage of President Trump. Their hosts regularly disparage, mock and lambast the President. Who knows how this unfair treatment of President Trump may motivate and send a message to mentally unstable and deranged leftists?

Sadly, the problem is not limited to CBS or CNN as the vast majority of our mainstream news media does not exhibit basic respect toward President Trump. During the Obama years, Americans were constantly lectured about the need to show respect toward the presidency even if we disagreed with his policies. The media loved President Obama and treated him with kid gloves. All of this dramatically changed with the election of President Trump.

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Source: Christian Post