Gospel of John Transforms Animistic Headhunters Into Jesus Heart Hunters: International Day for the Unreached

All it took was a single copy of the Gospel of John to transform a tribe of animistic headhunters into followers and preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a missionary leader revealed at the International Day for the Unreached prayer event on Sunday.

Yet close to two-and-a-half billion people around the world have never heard of the Gospel, and some 70,000 of those die every day without knowing Jesus, an alliance of churches and ministry organizations have said.

The Alliance for the Unreached, which showcased the inspirational stories of several missionary groups and efforts in a broadcast hosted by Focus on the Family on Sunday, is calling on Christians to fulfill the Great Commission of taking Jesus’ words around the world in the next generation.

Ruth Kramer of Mission Network News said that Christians “all agree that the Gospel is transformational,” but said that the great number of people who have yet to hear the Gospel present a significant challenge for churches and ministries.

John L. Pudaite, president of Bibles for the World, was one of a number of missionary leaders to share successful stories of leading people to Christ.

Pudaite revealed that his ministry has worked in over 120 countries throughout the years, though it placed special attention on China, where he said his forefathers came from a number of centuries ago as they were migrating toward present-day India.

He said that as an “animistic, semi-nomadic tribe, [they] had picked up a very nasty practice of headhunting. This was before the Gospel came to us, 100 years ago.”

Pudaite noted that all it took was a “single copy of the Gospel of John, and a brief follow up visit by the missionary who had sent it to us,” before his people were “transformed from headhunters, to heart-hunters for Jesus Christ.”

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Source: Christian Post