Christian Sister Oprah Rocks to Black Gospel Song at Royal Wedding

There are few things Oprah Winfrey has not accomplished in her lifetime, but on Saturday she managed to check another of the list as she attended the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The television icon tried to keep things low-key by not revealing she would be attending rhe nuptials prior to her arrival, but it was no luck.

And Oprah had people talking the second she arrived at St. George’s Chapel as she was accompanied by a mystery man who was most certainly not her longtime beau Stedman Graham.

It was unclear if the man came with Oprah or had just met her during the bus ride to the church.

The two appeared to part ways once inside, when Oprah left him for her far better seat up front.

It was not all first-class and luxury for Oprah however, who was forced to travel to the church on public transport – a bus.

Gayle King shared her reaction to the news that her friend had to take a  bus to the chapel on CBS This Morning on Saturday.

‘I said Oprah has to ride the bus? Oprah is not a bus person. Has she been informed?!’ revealed King,

She also said that she had no idea who the mystery man with Oprah was and had never seen him before in her life.

Once inside the church, Oprah spent a good deal of time looking for her seat, as she appeared to arrive earlier than necessary given she was set up near the altar with Markle’s closest friends and family.

It is still not clear how she was able to get such a good seat as she is not known to have a relationship with either the bride or groom.

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Source: Daily Mail