Wild Cougar Kills Mountain Biker and Injures Another in Terrifying Attack in Washington State

One man, 32, is dead and another has been injured in a cougar attack in Washington State.

The men had been on a morning mountain-bike ride in the foothills near North Bend, about 30 miles east of Seattle, when the cougar attacked.

Both of them used their bikes to try and defend themselves against the big cat, but neither escaped unscathed.

The 31-year-old man who survived the ordeal said at one point his entire head was inside the cougar’s mouth, but his friend began to run away, causing the cougar to drop him and chase the other man, KOMO News reported.

He then rode his bike to try and find reception so he could call 911. was rushed to Harborview hospital, where he is awake and as of Saturday night in a satisfactory condition.

First responders said the cougar was standing over the other man when they found him.

‘The cougar had actually drug the victim back to the wood line and he was found dead there,’ Sargent Ryan Abbott from the King County Sheriff’s office said.

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Source: Daily Mail