Ireland: Don’t Sacrifice Your Faith on the Altar of Abortion by Sean Martin

I can trace my ancestry to County Tyrone in Ireland. I still vaguely remember my great grandmothers Irish accent. Ireland holds a special place in my heart. And that is why my heart is currently breaking for that country.

On May 25 Ireland will vote on whether to repeal the 8th Amendment to their constitution which provides legal protection to children in the womb. While the Catholic church has been clear that they oppose repealing the 8th, other churches have been less so.

Among those in stunning support of the repeal is Bishop Michael Burrows from the Church of Ireland. The Christian leader was quoted in an article in The Irish Times on March 30 stating his view and his reasons for supporting the repeal. Unfortunately, his reasons were practical, but completely lacking any sound theological reasoning. Burrows said he believes the 8th is “incorrigibly flawed,” but does not seem to expound on how it is flawed. He also stated, “I believe sufficiently in parliamentary democracy to hand the matter to the legislators and indeed to trust them – that is their duty and their vocation.”

This statement is tragically revealing. Bishop Burrows is saying first that he trusts the government to make life and death decisions for other human beings. Throughout history, government license to arbitrate over life and death has not gone well for the most vulnerable in a country whose government wields that kind of power. Here in America, that has certainly been true for the more than 60 million children that have been killed since 1973 when Roe v. Wade legalized abortion at a federal level.

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Source: Christian Post