Black Radio Host Says Black Alabama Church’s Controversial Sign is Racist & It’s Defenders Are No Better Than the KKK

A black radio host in Alabama has spoken out against a controversial sign in front of a black church in Birmingham by saying that those who support the sign are no better than the white supremacists who justified the actions of the Klu Klux Klan.

Radio host Joe Lockett, who hosts a three-hour Saturday evening talk show on Birmingham’s WYDE-FM 101.1, has condemned the sign put up in front of New Era Baptist church by Pastor Michael R. Jordan that states: “BLACK FOLKS NEED TO STAY OUT OF WHITE CHURCHES.”

As previously reported, Jordan erected the sign in response to plans by the Church of the Highlands, one of the largest churches in the country, to launch a church plant in one of the city’s most violent neighborhoods. However, Jordan accused the church of having racist motivations and even called the megachurch a “slavemaster church.”

In a video posted to YouTube on Wednesday by Yellowhammer News, Lockett condemned Jordan and stated that if a white pastor had put up such a sign in front of his church, he and his congregation would have been chased out of the town and “rightfully so.”

“But, someway, somehow, when this pastor puts this racist garbage on his church, I hear people saying there’s some truth to what he’s saying. Let me say this to everybody: A broke clock is right twice a day. That doesn’t make it right,” Lockett stated. “The same garbage that I hear being spewed — that there’s some truth in what he’s saying — is the same thing the Ku Klux Klan said when they tried to justify what they were doing. Racism is racism, whether it’s black or white — it’s wrong on any front — and I’m sick and tired of sitting here waiting, listening to people trying to give an excuse for it.”

Chief among Jordan’s claims is the argument that the Church of the Highlands only wants to launch a new church plant in the violent Birmingham neighborhood because too many black people are coming to their campus in the suburbs. Jordan claims they want the church plant so that black folks will stay out of their other campuses. However, the Church of the Highlands has said that the goal of the new church plant is to help fight crime in the neighborhood.

As for those who say there is some truth to Jordan’s claims, Lockett contended that there seems to be a double standard.

“We demonize the white man when he shows racism or we think there’s racism, but when it comes to the black community, if somebody spews racism, we say, ‘Oh, they can’t be racist,'” he said. “Yes, they can.”

Lockett continued by arguing: “For everybody that thinks that every white person is out to get the black community, it’s not true.”

“Are there racist people in the world? Yes. Are there racist black people in this world? Yes. And at the end of the day, will racism ever go away? No, it won’t. But there are white people who truly want to do something to help.

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Source: Christian Post