There is a Devil Loose: 18-Year-Old Girl Bludgeons her Father to Death After Argument Over ‘Life Issues’ On Mother’s Day

Ameera Stokes
Ameera Stokes

A teenage girl in Michigian has been charged with murdering her father on Mother’s Day, according to multiple news reports.

Police reportedly say the altercation was sparked by “a disagreement over some life issues,” and the teen’s mom told local media that the girl’s father “would tease her about being fat.”

Eighteen-year-old Ameera Stokes was charged with first-degree murder after allegedly bludgeoning dad Donald Stokes’ head with a hammer before stabbing him in the chest on Sunday, according to local TV station WNEM.

Ameera allegedly called 911 on Sunday morning and told dispatchers that her father was dead, the outlet reports.

Police reported that Donald, 53, was found dead halfway down a flight of stairs at his Mt. Morris Township home. He appeared to have been hit in the head several times and stabbed, according to and WNEM.

Police believe Ameera and David got into a fight before she allegedly killed him, reports.

“It just appears as though they had a disagreement about some life issues and that basically is what ignited the situation,” Mt. Morris Township Chief Terence Green told the site.

Speaking to local station WJRT, Ameera’s mother, Gretchen Brasher, said her daughter had a difficult childhood and her relationship with her dad was strained.

“He was very verbally abusive,” Brasher claimed. “She [Ameera] had a belly, so he would tease her about being fat. He would like let her have an apple for dessert, while everybody else was having something better.”

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