Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Denies Accusations of Homosexuality: ‘It’s False. It’s Wrong’

A little more than 12 hours after a state legislator suggested she was gay, Gov. Kay Ivey again issued a strong denial on Wednesday morning.

“There’s absolutely no truth to it,” Ivey said. “It’s false. It’s wrong.”

Ivey posted a statement on the Twitter and Facebook accounts for her campaign to win election to a full term later this year.

The full statement from Ivey:

“This most recent personal attack against me is beyond disgraceful. It’s a disgusting lie being pushed by a paid left wing liberal political operative. There is absolutely no truth to it. It’s false. It’s wrong. It’s a bald faced lie. And I’m not gonna let them get away with it. Whether these attacks are malicious or ignorant or both – they represent everything that’s wrong with politics today.”

State Rep. Patricia Todd, D-Birmingham, and the state’s only openly gay lawmaker, rattled Alabama’s political landscape when she posted on Twitter and Facebook that “someone needs to out (Ivey) already…I have heard for years that she is gay.”

Todd also mentioned a “girlfriend” who moved out of the house when Ivey became governor in April 2017. “I am sick of closeted elected officials,” Todd posted on Tuesday.

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