Parents Television Council Applauds Cancellation of ‘The Mick’ TV Series

The entertainment content watchdog group the Parents Television Council is celebrating the cancellation of the TV series “The Mick.”

Last week, Deadline Hollywood reported that Fox was not going to renew “The Mick” for a third season due in large part to its sharp decline in ratings.

The PTC, which has long criticized the program for its jokes centered on child sex and other graphic content, released a statement on Monday celebrating the news.

“Every TV network should view the commercial failure of ‘The Mick’ as an important learning opportunity,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

“Hollywood cannot applaud and embrace the #MeToo era while simultaneously asking its audience to be amused and entertained by the same repulsive behavior that spawned the movement to begin with. Even worse, ‘The Mick’ was using its child actors to deliver much of the most sexualizing program content.”

Debuting in 2017, “The Mick” was about a permissive aunt being forced to look after her wealthy sister’s children, while still engaging in racy behavior.

The program garnered outrage from conservative groups, like One Million Moms, whose members took issue not only with the graphic content, but the fact that it also involved children.

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Source: Christian Post