Ohio Megachurch Pumps Out Free Gas for Over 100 Drivers to Show Love of Jesus

A campus of an eight-location multiracial megachurch in Ohio celebrated its 10th anniversary by buying gas for over 100 cars on Saturday.

The Liberty Campus of Victory Christian Center, an Assemblies of God congregation that has eight campuses across Ohio and Pennsylvania, spent over $3,200 to buy 10 gallons of gas for the first 100 cars that stopped by a local BP station on Saturday morning as a way of giving thanks to a community it has served for the last decade.

Led by VCC Liberty pastor Lock P. Beachum Jr. and aided by local police, about 30 volunteers from the church manned the pumps at the gas station and blessed Youngstown-area residents by pumping fuel paid for by the church’s community outreach initiative Operation Impact.

Beachum told The Christian Post that for over an hour, he and the volunteers provided at least 112 cars with about $30.00 worth of gas each.

“I actually heard about a couple of people who cried. They were just so blown away of this act of kindness,” Beachum told CP. “Our church is in a distressed area, so [for] a number of folk just being in the situation of life that they are in, that [meant a lot]. It equated to 30 dollars.”

According to the pastor, only a “select few” members of the church were told about the giveaway.

“We didn’t want the word to get out. Simply put, when that day came on Saturday morning, just like anything else, word had already kind of leaked out a little bit so some people already knew. I also did a Facebook Live,” Beachum said. “All the people waiting in line were, I’m sure, calling all their friends and telling everybody they are getting free gas.”

In addition to the gas, church volunteers handed out free snacks and water to the drivers.

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Source: Christian Post