Survey Finds Most Bible-Engaged Americans Say They Need Daily Scripture Reading More Than Coffee

A majority of Bible-centered Americans say they need the Bible more than coffee to jumpstart their mornings, according to a new nationwide study by American Bible Society.

For 61 percent of “Bible-engaged” Americans, the need for reading the Bible is stronger than their urge for caffeine, reveals the research, commissioned by American Bible Society and conducted by Barna Group.

The study gave four choices — coffee, something sweet, social media and the Bible — and asked respondents which of these did they consider a daily necessity.

“Bible-centered adults are the only segment in which a majority insist on the Bible as a daily necessity at 61 percent. Bible-engaged adults prefer the Bible over the other three choices offered, but to a lesser extent at 43 percent. One in five who are Bible-friendly prefer the Bible over coffee, sweets and social media (21 percent).

“Elders and Boomers are more likely to say that coffee is something they must have during the day (46 percent and 47 percent), compared to 32 percent of millennials and 30 percent of Gen X. Segments more likely to choose the Bible are married adults, college graduates, households with children under 18 and residents of the South.”

The 2018 State of the Bible Report also shows that 42 percent of Americans say they were more fearful today than they were five years ago, but they’re also more hopeful about the future. And 41 percent feel peaceful when reading the Bible and 81 percent of Americans have a great sense of hope for the future.

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Source: Christian Post