Our Girl Helen Mirren Takes a Terrible Fall, but Gets Back Up and Keeps On Going

Helen Mirren’s graceful outing during the Cannes Film Festival was quickly terminated when she took an unfortunate tumble.

The actress, 72, cut a stylish figure in a colourful purple coat as she suddenly fell after taking part in an interview on Saturday morning.

Seen on her stomach as she sported a frazzled expression, the British star was quickly helped to her feet by others and didn’t appear to be hurt.

The trip seemed to be so sudden and dramatic that Helen appeared to have lost a shoe on her way down.

Luckily the star didn’t appear to be hurt as she slowly helped herself up slightly.

After taking everyone around her by surprise, they quickly rushed to her aid to get her up on her feet.

Back on her feet, Helen appeared to make light of the situation as she continued on about her day.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail