Pastor Dwight McKissic to Beth Moore: “History Will Record That Your Impact Upon Southern Baptists is Equal to or Greater Than Lottie Moon’s”

Prominent Southern Baptist pastor Dwight McKissic is joining Thabiti Anyabwile, J. Lee Grady, and a few other male Southern Baptist ministry leaders in publicly standing in solidarity with Beth Moore. The well-known evangelical Bible teacher and founder of women’s ministry, Living Proof, set off a firestorm in the conservative Christian community last Thursday when she released “A Letter to My Brothers” via her blog. In her powerful open letter, Moore addressed the pervasive sexist and misogynistic attitudes and actions coming from some male ministerial leaders in conservative Christian circles that she and fellow Christian women have had to endure as they strive to serve God. Moore also used her open letter as an opportunity to issue a prophetic challenge to her Christian “brothers” to cut off this “dangerously malignant root” which leads them to dismiss and disregard women as nothing more than objects to satisfy their desires. Pastor McKissic reached out to Beth Moore via Twitter with the following words of support and encouragement: “Love you Beth Moore. History will record that your impact upon Southern Baptists is equal to or greater than Lottie Moon. You are a gift from God to Southern Baptists for this generation. Your future will be even greater than ur past. Unconditional love & respect from this SBC pas.”

– Seraya Rivera