Trump Administration to Strengthen Religious Freedom Protections for Christian Colleges

The Trump administration is reportedly looking to strengthen religious freedom protections for Christian and other faith-based colleges and universities that receive federal tax dollars.

Citing a copy of the United States Education Department’s spring regulatory agenda, Politico reported Wednesday that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos plans to review and rewrite rules that regulate the ways faith-based education institutions can access and use federal funding.

According to the news outlet, the Education Department will host a “rulemaking panel” to suggest changes to requirements that faith-based institutions face when they are involved in federal student aid initiatives and other federal higher education programs.

Agency officials reportedly noted in the document that there is some concern regarding rules that “unnecessarily restrict participation by religious entities” in such programs.

“For example, some provisions may be overly broad in their prohibition of activities or services that relate to sectarian instruction or religious worship,” the document reads. “Other provisions may be overly broad in prohibiting the benefits a borrower may receive based on faith-based activity.”

The department’s agenda also indicates that it plans to edit rules that regulate the “the eligibility of faith-based entities to obtain grants from the department or to participate in state-administered programs and the activities that they may perform.”

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Source: Christian Post