Jason Whitlock Says Democrats Have ‘Become the Church for Black People,’ Defends Kanye’s Freedom to Think Differently

Sports journalist Jason Whitlock stopped by Tucker Carlson Tonight to speak his mind about Kanye West speaking his mind. 

Whitlock defending Kanye’s freedom to speak and think differently from other black people whom he says have become members in the church of Democrats. He lamented the idea that many who break away from Democrat-espoused talking points get “kicked out of the black race.

Here’s what he said:

I think what Kanye is trying to do open black America’s mind to the fact that perhaps we have chosen a bad strategy by swallowing all of the Democratic party and liberalism whole. I say in my column in The Wall Street Journal that in the immediate aftermath of the civil rights movement in the 1960s Democrats marketed to us liberalism as the solution to all of our problems and liberalism now is like the cigarette. It’s been marketed to us the same as cigarettes — fashionable, sophisticated, it’s supposed to be liberating but I think it needs a Surgeon General’s warning, hazardous to your family and all the values you were taught as a child.

I think us as African-Americans, we have to examine why are we the only ethnic group that has gone in wholly with one political party? No one has to compete for our votes. We are chained to an ideology that just isn’t working over the last 50, 60 years. Liberalism, the swallowing of it whole. Our families have been destroyed. Our children lost and confused. Our black men incarcerated and emasculated and we’ve moved away from the traditional values that have always defined us. I think we’ve made a mistake.

I don’t really like politics much at all, but if you just say I think Trump has a good idea here, you get kicked out of the black race. Kanye is saying I don’t agree with everything Trump believes in. Kanye, I’m sure, disagrees with Trump and the Republican party and conservatives on a lot of issues but he’s not willing to cast someone out of the human race just because he disagrees with him. If I cast everybody out that I disagreed with I would have no one.

–Joshua James