4-Year-Old Austin Perine Has Made It His Mission to Help the Homeless

Austin Perine, a 4-year-old superhero from Birmingham, Alabama, has made it his personal mission to help the homeless.

About once a week, Austin turns into his superhero alter ego, “President Austin” (complete with a cape), and takes chicken sandwiches to as many homeless people as possible.

According to CBS News, it all started after his father TJ explained homelessness to his son. Austin decided he wanted to do something about it. Starting by using his allowance, he gives out chicken sandwiches and a wise word. He reminds them, “Don’t forget to show love.”

After the story was aired on CBS News, Burger King offered to give Austin all the chicken sandwiches he needs so he can continue to help feed the homeless and many other people who love Austin’s cause have also donated to help him out.

Austin and TJ’s next plan is to build a rehab center for the homeless. TJ says they want to “try and give people jobs and just try to make a difference one person at a time.”

Thanks, Austin. Earth could always use another superhero.

– Blair Halliday