104-Year-Old Scientist David Goodall Dies in Assisted Suicide in Switzerland

David Goodall, a scientist who argued for the “right to die,” is dead at 104 after an assisted suicide.

Goodall made headlines after announcing that he was going to Switzerland to end his life after coming to regret that he had lived so long.

Pro-euthanasia group Exit International raised money for his trip to Basel’s Life Clinic, where the trained ecologist gave a press conference Wednesday before his scheduled death on Thursday.

“At 12.30 today (10th May) Professor David Goodall, 104 years of age, died peacefully at Life Cycle, Basel, Switzerland from an infusion of Nembutal,” Exit International’s Philip Nitschke said in a statement.

Goodall had said that he wished to die in Australia, but was forced to go to Switzerland, where assisted suicide is legal under some circumstances.

SOURCE: NY Daily News, Christopher Brennan