Wow! Hallie Jackson Eats Baby Food for Snacks

Finding healthy snacks while traveling can be a challenge, but one journalist has found a surprising way of making sure she always has greens on hand: baby food.

Hallie Jackson, 34, is NBC News’ Chief White House correspondent. As a result, she often travels around the world to follow the president. Last year, she logged a whopping 250,000 miles, visiting countries such as China and Saudi Arabia.

The reporter recently revealed to Bloomberg that she relies on baby food pouches in order to always have a healthy snack in her luggage, no matter where her travels take her.

‘It sounds bizarre, but I always pack squeeze-pouches of baby food from Happy Baby. It can be really tough to find decent veggies when you’re racking up highway miles or bouncing from airport to airport,’ she said.

‘I was at the grocery store one day and passed by this stand of baby food pouches. I’d read online some folks suggesting those pouches as a way to get greens.’

The pouches, she said, don’t go bad, and haven’t gotten her in trouble with TSA agents even though they contain four ounces of baby food—when TSA rules dictate that travel containers should not be larger than 3.4 ounces.

‘I don’t have any trouble with [Transportation Security Administration]—however many ounces they are—although I do get weird looks because I don’t have a baby,’ she added.

‘I had one TSA agent say to me: “But you don’t have a baby with you.” I said, “I know, they’re for me.”‘

As for her favorite flavor, Hallie said she is ‘not even a little bit ashamed to say’ that the pear, kale, and spinach combination is ‘delicious’.

‘It’s a well-rounded, fairly nutritious meal when you’re sitting in a car, driving six hours from one point in Iowa to another,’ she added.

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Source: Daily Mail