There Will Be No Trump Race Summit

A planned summit on race Donald Trump agreed last week to host at the White House is in disarray and unlikely to take place before this year’s elections, if at all, can reveal.

Trump had been said to be ‘totally 100 percent for it’ by an outside adviser, Pastor Darrell Scott. ‘Now we’re just dotting the i’s crossing the t’s getting the logistics in place,’ Scott said Thursday after an Oval Office meeting with Trump.

Scott said then that Kanye West would be the most significant invited guest, days after the rapper endorsed the president and posed in a Make America Great Again hat, in addition to Colin Kapernick.

However, six sources who spoke to, including Scott, indicated that the summit was, at best, still in the conceptual stage. African-American Republicans in particular did not want it to happen before the November midterm elections.

‘There are no plans for an imminent summit to occur,’ a person familiar with the White House’s position told on Monday.

Black Republicans and aides to the president are warning Trump that the summit could be used by invitees such as Kaepernick as a platform to call the president a racist in a forum where he has to respond.

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Source: Daily Mail