Please Go See a Doctor – Woman Is Surprised That Her Constant Runny Nose Was Actually Brain Fluid

A Nebraska woman thought that her relentlessly runny nose was just the annoying consequence of chronic allergies, but it turned out to be leaking brain fluid.

For five years, Kendra Jackson’s unending nasal drip and headaches kept her form working, playing with her nine grandchildren and cooking.

Some sleepless nights, she even contemplated suicide.

Countless doctors told her the same thing: it was just allergies.

On the brink of madness, Kendra knew her incessantly running nose had to be something more.

Finally, a doctor at Nebraska Medicine became the first to test the fluid, discover that it was leaking from her brain, and a few weeks ago a minor surgery repaired the leak that was ruining Kendra’s life.

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Source: Daily Mail