It Is Petty and Ridiculous That You Being Dead Don’t Want Somebody at Your Funeral

Meghan McCain hit back at senator Orrin Hatch during an episode of The View after the Republican senator criticized her father, John McCain, for not wanting president Donald Trump at his funeral.

During Tuesday’s show, Meghan McCain gave a brief update on her ailing father telling her co-hosts that he’s ‘doing really good’.

John McCain, 81, has been battling an aggressive form of brain cancer since last year. He’s currently at his home in Arizona receiving treatment.

‘He’s doing really good; making jokes, talking, standing, doing a great recovery,’ she said. ‘He has a great team around him.’

The 33-year-old TV host then said she would like for people to ‘take a collective breath’ and ‘chill out’ with criticizing her father.

‘Especially Orrin Hatch. Take many seats right now,’ she said. ‘And we’re all doing good and hanging in. It’s a process, anyone knows, if you know anyone who has cancer, so please be kind and respectful to the fact that there’s a family here.’

During an interview on Monday with CNN, Hatch said it was ‘ridiculous’ for senator McCain to supposedly tell the White House he doesn’t want Trump at his funeral.

‘He’s the President of the United States,’ Hatch said. ‘He’s a very good man. But it’s up to John. I think John should have his wishes fulfilled with regard to who attends his funeral’.

The Utah senator went on to say that he would encourage McCain to change his mind and have Trump eulogize at the service.

‘He would be a very interesting speaker and would do a good job for John,’ he said.

Hatch, however, backtracked on his comments in an interview Tuesday, following an airing of The View.

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Source: Daily Mail