Ted Cruz Speaks at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs’ Ground Breaking for New Building

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas spoke at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs’ official ground-breaking for their new building, held six months after a mass shooting that resulted in the deaths of 26 people, including the pastor’s daughter.

Held Saturday morning, the ground-breaking ceremony included a prayer walk, a service, worship music, and lunch, as well as remarks from several speakers.

Cruz told those gathered that while people saw “the face of evil” with the church shooting, they also “saw so much more.”

“You saw love. You saw strength. You saw compassion. You saw courage. You saw sacrifice,” said Cruz, who told FBC members that through their example “the entire world saw the Gospel.”

Cruz commended the church for its “powerful” showcasing of “the strength, the peace of this community,” saying that “as each of you grieving leaned on each other,” their reaction to the shooting “reflected the love of Jesus.”

FBC Sutherland Springs Pastor Frank Pomeroy also spoke at the ceremony, telling those gathered for the ground-breaking that even though the building was not yet constructed, “God’s already been moving through this place.”

“We need to remember from the prayer that started from 9:00 to all the folks you’ve heard speak to the bells that were ringing, its God who gets the glory,” stated Pomeroy.

“And we need to continue to do that. Hallelujah. Its God who gets the claps, its God who gets the glory, its God who gets all the blessings.”

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Source: Christian Post