Muslim Relatives Mutilate Corpse of Christian Convert From Islam & Threaten His Wife

Muslim villagers have mutilated the corpse of a Christian man in Uganda who converted from Islam, stabbing pins and making cuts in his body. His wife revealed that her life has also been threatened if she holds steadfast to her Christian faith.

The widow, Fatuma Muluuta, told Morning Star News on Friday that her husband, Muluuta Kuzaifa, became a Christian two years ago, but was ostracized by his Muslim family.

Kuzaifa, Muluuta, and their two children were sheltered by a pastor who wasn’t named for security reasons. Two years later, they decided to return home, but had to leave for Kampala, the country’s capital, after they received threatening messages.

On April 1, Kuzaifa was attacked when returning from work by yet unidentified assailants.

“I heard him shouting for help, and immediately some neighbors rushed to the scene, and we found him bleeding with head injuries,” the widow recalled.

The man died the following day despite being taken to a hospital for treatment. Days later, Muluuta says that his Muslim family members took his body from the mortuary and buried it in an indecent manner.

“Word went around that Kuzaifa’s body was mutilated and not properly buried,” the widow explained. “His body was not washed, several pins were inserted into his body, they dug a very small grave for the body, and several cuts were made on his corpse.”

She said that Christians in Kachomo Sub-County later retook the body, washed it, and provided him with a decent burial. Still, she continues receiving threats for her faith.

“If you continue with Christianity,” Muluuta shared the text of one message she received, “you will go the same way of your husband.”

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Source: Christian Post