Melania Trump to Announce Formal Platform During Rose Garden Ceremony on Monday

Melania Trump will announce her eagerly awaited formal platform Monday during a Rose Garden event, nearly 16 months into her tenure as first lady.

While Trump has since September of last year said she plans to focus her efforts on the well-being of children, she had yet to define what exactly that means, instead delving into a broad range of topics under a wide umbrella of issues.

That changes with a planned Rose Garden announcement, her first speech from that historic location on the West Wing side of the White House, feet from the Oval Office.

However, Trump will not land on just one issue affecting children, instead expanding the platform to include other keynote causes. Her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham tells CNN Trump’s approach will be a multi-pronged.

“As has been evidenced by the many events Mrs. Trump has participated in during her time as first lady, her focus will be the overall well-being of children. Something unique though: She has not narrowed her platform down to just one topic as has been done in the past,” Grisham said. “Mrs. Trump wishes to help the next generation by creating change through awareness on a variety of issues that affect children.”

Previous first lady platforms
The role of first lady, in terms of having a formal, branded platform, is somewhat undefined.

Most modern wives of presidents have opted to choose one standout point of interest and use their elevated status to promote or encourage behavior.

For Trump, who didn’t move to the White House full-time until June of last year, settling on a definitive initiative has taken a relatively longer amount of time compared to some of her recent predecessors.

Michelle Obama unveiled “Let’s Move” in February 2010 — 11 months into her tenure. And Laura Bush, who debuted “Ready to Read, Ready to Learn,” her program to promote early education and literacy, in July of her first year as first lady.

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SOURCE: CNN, Kate Bennett