Man and Two Women Found Dead in Bedroom in Atlanta; Mother of Victim Says Boyfriend Told her he Would Kill her

Norris Lowe and Jocelyn Shepherd (Twitter @wsbradio + @MissVWaters)

A man and two women were found dead from gunshot wounds in a bedroom in northwest Atlanta on Friday. 

Police say the shooting was a domestic incident — an apparent double-murder-suicide. Two of the deceased have been identified: a 37-year-old man named Norris Lowe and a 34-year-old woman named Jocelyn Shepherd. The other victim, aged 22, has not been publicly named.

The mother of Jocelyn Shepherd says Lowe was her daughter’s boyfriend and that he was abusive and had threatened to kill her. Atlanta’s WSB-TV reports:

She claims her daughter was in an abusive relationship, one that she tried to end again and again over the past four years.

“He wouldn’t let her go,” Gwendolyn Shepherd said. “All I tried to do, I’ve been four years trying to get her to leave this abusive man and she wouldn’t do it because every time she did it, he’d come back to get her.”

“Night before last she said, ‘Mama, he said he’s going to kill me.'”

A crowd gathered outside the house as news of the shooting spread.

Lowe’s cousin, Mia Lowe, defended her dead family member, saying, “He took care of everybody. He was a good man. All these people wouldn’t be out here if he was a bad person.”

–Gregory Leo