Let My People Celebrate! WATCH: University of Florida Apologizes After White Usher ‘Aggressively’ Pushes Minority Graduates Off the Stage During Ceremony

The president of the University of Florida apologized on behalf of his administration for rushing students through Saturday’s graduation ceremonies.

As students were called up to receive their diplomas, some stopped to chant and stroll, while a college employee hurried the students across the stage.

Afterward this tweet was sent:

“UF’s president, Kent Fuchs admits the administrator’s behavior was “inappropriately aggressive.”

He went on to apologize saying “the practice has been halted for future ceremonies.”

Some agree that hurrying students across the stage is unacceptable.

Others say they feel graduates should be considerate of fellow students sharing the moment.

In a video, 2018 graduates of the University of Florida are walking across the stage to receive their degrees. Some stop to chant and those appearing to be in fraternities and sororities stroll.

All while a UF employee shoves some of the students across the stage in a hurry.


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SOURCE: Destiny McKeiver 
WJXT News4Jax