Oprah Winfrey is Watching the Money Roll in from her Weight Watchers Investment

Oprah is doing more than watching her weight in her partnership with Weight Watchers. She’s also watching the money roll in.

According to the company’s latest quarterly report, Oprah Winfrey’s stake in the company is now worth $400 million.

CNN Money reports that “Winfrey’s decision to invest in Weight Watchers nearly two and a half years ago has turned out to be a great move for her — and anyone else who bought the stock when Winfrey did and has been along for the ride ever since.”

Winfrey sits on the board of Weight Watchers and often appears in ads for the company. Over the past few quarters, the company, which is famous for its “points” system of healthy eating, has regularly exceeded market expectations and has seen big gains in sales and subscribers.

Currently, Winfrey owns almost 5.5 million shares in the company, after she sold 2 million last month, cashing in on about $110 million in the process. But she’s not keeping all of her investment success to herself. She also donated over 360,000 shares to her charitable organization.

–Gregory Leo