Samsung is Working on a Smartphone Design That Could be More Exciting Than an iPhone

Based on a report from BGR, Samsung might have a launch schedule ready for its new Galaxy X. Although the smartphone won’t be ready to debut until 2019, this new report states that the phone will have a 3.5-inch screen on the outside and two 3.5-inch screens on the inside and when folded open, it will have a total display of 7 inches.

If Samsung does not rush this product like it is known to do, a foldable Galaxy X could be something new and hopefully impressive.

Samsung were also awarded patents for a smartphone with a transparent design. A smartphone with a transparent display could fill up the entire screen and when shut off, the phone would be like holding glass in your hand. The phone could also have a partial display while the rest of the phone remains transparent, so it could appear like an augmented reality display. Of course, having a patent does not mean it will become a reality anytime soon, but having technology like this could bring something new to the game.

– Blair Halliday