Marriage Takes Time Like a Good Wine (The Unchristian Christian Wife #1)

My husband was preaching one Sunday and he touched on marriage and said the following: “Marriage takes time like good wine.” As I thought on those words I must agree with that statement. In fact, I cannot think of a better illustration to use to describe the marriage process. Now, I do not know that much about wine, but I have heard that the best wine is the wine which sits for years and years in the cool, dark cellar as it goes through the fermentation process—a chemical process that cannot be rushed.

During this time of fermentation, which can last many years, all the toxins, all the gas, all the germs—anything that would hinder it from having that rich, mellow, succulent taste is fermented out. On the flip side, the wine that sits in the cool, dark cellar for only a week or a month or even a year lacks that rich, mellow, succulent taste that good wine should have. The most expensive wine are those that have gone through a long fermentation process. It’s almost like cooking a good roast. The roast that marinades overnight and then cooks in the slow cooker has that rich, succulent taste that causes you to lick your lips betimes; whereas, the roast that is placed in the oven immediately after the seasoning is added lacks that richness.

It’s the same with marriage. The marriage where both parties stick it out, undergo the arguing, the misunderstandings, the incompatibilities, the adjustment period, the maturing process, and endures all the bumps in the road is the marriage that grows stronger over time. Those are the marriages that last twenty, thirty, forty plus years—until death do us part. Those marriages birth children, grand-children, and with an extra blessing, great grand-children.

On the other hand, when husbands and wives do not allow their marriages to sit and ferment for years, those are the marriages that end up in divorce after one, two, five, and sadly, even after twenty plus years. Just as you cannot rush the fermenting process for great tasting wine, you cannot rush the fermenting process for a strong marriage.

Just stick it out. Stay in that cool, dark cellar and trust God who controls the fermenting process to do what He wants to do in your life through your marriage. It’s up to you how long your marriage will last.

–Margaret Beaman