Dear Tom Brokaw, Please Go Out as a Class Act and Not Like Bill Cosby

Tom Brokaw, you have been a class act for many years. Please go out as a class act like George H.W. Bush. Admit that you, too, like most men, said and did some foolish and shameful things with those amazingly beautiful creatures called women.

Tom, don’t go out like Bill Cosby, full of pride and stubbornness, trying to make people believe you are perfect and incapable of doing what you are being accused of when you know you are guilty. Now, Tom, you did admit that you went over to that lady’s apartment and hotel room. Tom, tell the truth. Be honest. You did not go over there just to advise her about her career. You wanted some puddentang. In other words, you wanted some temporary loving.

Tom, it is a waste of time collecting support letters from sixty women trying to save your reputation because these are all women you couldn’t get if you tried. In fact, one of them, Rachel Maddow is gay.

The only way you can keep your good reputation is by doing what former President George H.W. Bush did, and that is, admit I am capable of doing that and I did it and I apologize. Once you do that, it will be over with.

Today, The Daily Mail reported: “Tom Brokaw was looking faded and fatigued as he exited NBC studios on Monday afternoon. The embattled anchor, who still works as a special correspondent for NBC News, stared down a photographer as he made his way out of the plaza at 30 Rockefeller Center while outfitted in a body-hugging Patagonia top, khaki trench and sneakers. Brokaw was accused of making unwanted advances towards two women in articles published last Thursday, allegations he vehemently denied just hours later in a letter sent to friends and colleagues. The 78-year-old newsman may soon be forced to write another letter as well after a third women came forward on Tuesday with allegations against Brokaw. Mary Reinholz writes about her alleged experience with Brokaw in The Villager, claiming that in 1968 he made an unwanted pass at her during a visit to her home in Laurel Canyon. Brokaw and NBC News both declined to comment on these latest allegations.”

Now Tom, please go back inside, put on your darn suit and tie, go on Morning Joe tomorrow, stop the bull and po’ me show, and apologize to sister Vester and the other women you tried to inappropriately use your power and prestige with. Please don’t be another Cosby, and please don’t let Louis C.K. out-class you.

And, Tom, you will be meeting God soon. Do you know Jesus Christ as your Savior? If not, trust Him as your Savior today.

David Paul