New Video Shows the Moment a Private Plane Carrying Six Las Vegas Revelers, Including Two Models, Crashed Into an Arizona Golf Course in a Terrifying Fireball and Killed All the Passengers on Board

Footage of a private plane that crashed and erupted into a massive fireball in Arizona last month, killing all six on board, was captured on a nearby traffic camera.

Scottsdale Police released footage which shows the lights of the plane zoom into the frame at high speed before the wings turn on a 90 degree angle and the aircraft falls to the ground.

The plane took off from Arizona on April 9 and was headed to Las Vegas with six people on board – it was only in the air about 15 minutes before it came crashing down on a nearby golf course.

A preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board said the wings were ‘nearly vertical’ ahead of the crash.

Models Mariah Coogan, 23, and Helena Lagos, 22, nightlife promoter Anand ‘Happy’ Patel, 26, and nightclub host and aspiring pilot James Pedroza, 28, were all on board the Piper PA-24 Comanche when it crashed moments after taking off at about 9pm.

They were joined by pilot Erik Valente, 26, and exchange student Iris Carolina Garcia Rodriguez, 23, who was due to return to her native Honduras just days later, after a months-long stint studying at graduate school in Virginia.

Pedroza was originally thought to be flying the plane, but it was later revealed to be Valente.

Rodriguez’s friends and family are now fundraising to bring her body back to  Honduras.

When investigators arrived at the scene, everyone on board was dead.

‘The main cabin was mostly consumed by fire,’ the NTSB report said.

‘The outboard section of the right wing was separated, and in addition to thermal damage, exhibited substantial impact crush damage.

‘The inboard section of the right wing remained attached to the [body of the aircraft], and the majority of the left wing was found separated.’

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Source: Daily Mail