Pastor Greg Locke Says He Will Not Step Down Despite Calls to Do So

Popular internet preacher Greg Locke declared Monday that he will not step down from the helm of his Tennessee church despite repeated calls from critics to do so.

“[Over] the last six months or so, there’s been a lot of vitriol, a lot of lies, deception, assumptions. The news media has been massively horrendous. It’s been hurtful. It’s been a lot of basketball-sized ulcers, a lot of chewing the fingernails … and a lot of sleepless nights … It’s been a very difficult road, especially the lies and the foolishness and the nonsense and the made-up stuff,” Locke, who leads Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, began in a viral video message he titled “PASTOR GREG LOCKE IS STEPPING DOWN.”

“… There have been thousands of people that have called for my resignation from the church, that I step down as a pastor, that I burn my ordination certificate, and all of that,” he continued.

Instead of announcing he would step down, however, Locke, who revealed in January that he had taken steps to divorce his mentally unstable wife, Melissa, said the only thing he is stepping down from are the attacks from his critics.

“Pastor Greg Locke is stepping down from what the critics think about me. I’m stepping down from what the leftist media thinks about me, what the liberals think about me, what CNN thinks about me. They can try to burn my life to the ground all they jolly well please. I’m stepping away and stepping down from what the LGBTQ thinks about me. I’m not gonna back up, pack up, slack up, or shut up until I’ve been taken up by the glory of God,” he said.

In a March interview with Pulpit & Pen, Locke’s estranged wife alleged that he was both physically and verbally abusive to her during their relationship. She said she walked out on her husband after he reportedly told her during a heated quarrel: “You know Melissa, I just don’t want you anymore. I don’t care if you die and we have a funeral. I’ll just shed a few tears over you. I don’t care if you take all the pills in the house, I just want you not in my life.”

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Source: Christian Post