Beth Moore Criticizes Christians Who ‘Demonize’ Divorce as Worst Sin Even With Domestic Abuse

Evangelist Beth Moore, founder of Living Proof Ministries, has slammed Christian church culture that she says “demonizes” divorce as the worst sin even as wives are being abused by their husbands.

Moore’s comments come in the midst of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Paige Patterson seeking to clarify past comments of his that many say appeared to support women staying with abusive husbands rather than separating.

Moore, who has been speaking out on several issues related to abuse of women in the Church, wrote several posted on Twitter over the weekend criticizing the way some churches have handled questions of spousal abuse.

“I’m pro marriage. Nearly 40 years of ups and downs to back that up. But when we as a church culture demonize divorce as the worst possible outcome — the sin of all sins — we truly have no clue on this ever loving earth what some people are enduring. We do not submit to abuse. NO,” the 60-year-old evangelist declared on Saturday.

In a later tweet she said that she’s “dealt with sexism in my church culture for 60 years.”

“Had to accept certain degrees of it to serve & serve I would because I was called. Then 18 months ago the meticulously groomed dog that is sexism rolled over & we who’d bear to look saw its gross underbelly, full of ticks,” she said, referring to the various movements in society that have been exposing abuse.

In other posts she talked more about abusers, describing how they are “powerful manipulators.”

“I’ve seen the come-to-church-&-cry thing 1000X. Thank God sometimes it’s real. Other times it’s to get people to talk her into staying with him. A man who runs his rear end to prof help, never strong arms or verbally assaults her again repented,” she warned.

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Source: Christian Post