There Is a Devil Loose – Little Boy One Year Old Is Hospitalized With Swollen and Bloodied Face at His Daycare Center – It Is Time for Somebody to Be Sued

A one-year-old boy was left with a swollen and bloodied face after he was beaten at his own daycare center in Indiana.

Jesse Harris IV, who also suffered cuts to his face and both of his eyes, had to be hospitalized for his injuries.

Tiffany Griffin was so angry when she saw her baby’s face that she punched an employee at the Kiddie Garden daycare in Indianapolis on Monday.

Griffin said she was called to return to the daycare center just hours after she dropped off Jesse and her older son, according to Fox 59.

She heard her baby screaming the minute she arrived at the center and punched a 22-year-old employee who claimed that a two-year-old girl had hurt Jesse.

Haben Ghebremichael, the owner of Kiddie Garden, claims that the girl had blood on her hands after the attack.

Ghebremichel said it wasn’t uncommon for the girl to act out, but that ‘the extent of the injuries just blows our minds’.

When Griffin arrived at the daycare center, she filmed a Facebook Live video to show the extent of her son’s injuries.

‘This is how my baby looks, this other baby got blood all on her,’ she said. ‘This is my son, this is what happens at childcare.’

‘I’m trying to keep my composure, this baby got blood all over her, but look at my baby. My one-year-old full of f*****g blood, and another baby full of blood.’

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Source: Daily Mail