‘Marco Polo’ Producer Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein & The Weinstein Company Alleging he ‘Repeatedly’ Raped her Over the Span of 5 Years

In a lawsuit filed Monday, the former producer of Netflix’s Marco Polo series claims she was “repeatedly raped and threatened” by Harvey Weinstein over the span of five years, according to the New York Post. Alexandra Canosa outlines nine instances in which she was allegedly “sexually assaulted, raped, verbally abused or forced into performing sex acts” by Weinstein. Canosa, who says the abuse began in 2010, previously worked as an associate producer at The Weinstein Company. The incidents occurred in various hotels in New York, Los Angeles, Budapest, and Malaysia, the lawsuit says. She claimed the “quid pro quo harassment” created an environment where she had “no choice but to do his bidding or suffer dire consequences both physically and to [her] career,” according to the court documents. Canosa also said that TWC’s board was aware of Weinstein’s behavior and “did not act to correct or curtail such activity.” Weinstein’s spokesperson said he denies “any allegations of non-consensual sex.”


SOURCE: The Daily Beast