Kim Jong Un Agrees to Meet Trump at Koreas Demilitarized Zone

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has agreed to meet President Trump for a landmark summit on the border separating the Koreas after some prodding by the South Korean president, according to a report Tuesday.

President Moon Jae-in met with Kim in the Demilitarized Zone in an event that was aired around the world last Friday, when the two leaders agreed to formally end the 68-year-old Korean War and to work toward the “complete denuclearization” of the peninsula.

There’s a “strong possibility” the meeting will be held at the venue in Panmunjom, and some events could even be scheduled on the northern side of the border, CNN reported, citing a source with knowledge of North Korea’s plans.

The site has a number of advantages — including logistics for Kim and because media facilities and equipment are already in place there, the report said.

A spokesperson for Moon backed the proposal.

“(We) think Panmunjom is quite meaningful as a place to erode the divide and establish a new milestone for peace,” the spokesperson said. “Wouldn’t Panmunjom be the most symbolic place?”

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SOURCE: NY Post, Mark Moore