Veteran’s Photos of Dirty VA Clinic Room in Utah Go Viral, Prompts Apology

One veteran’s post on social media has prompted a VA clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah, to apology for the disarray and dirty conditions found at the facility. CBS affiliate KUTV writes that Army Veteran Christopher Wilson — who served two tours in Iraq — was subjected to a room he couldn’t believe.

He took pictures that included “debris on the floor, a full garbage can, cutting tools, a soda cup on a counter and medical kits left open.”

Wilson had a podiatry appointment scheduled April 5 and had to wait 45 minutes before he had discovered the filthy room.

“I figured they would say, ‘Oh, this room’s not clean,’ and take me somewhere else, but they kind of just blew past it — didn’t acknowledge it,” Wilson told KUTV.

Wilson expected better treatment. He took to Facebook to post the photos which were later shared on Twitter by his father Stephen Wilson — who even tagged President Trump:

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SOURCE: CBS News, Peter Martinez