How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half: Budgeting Expert who Claims You Can Feed a Family of Two Adults and Two Teenagers for Just $15 a Day Shares her Top Supermarket Shopping Tips

These days grocery shopping is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be as one money-saving expert says $15 a day is all you need to feed a ­family of two adults and two teenagers

These days grocery shopping is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be as one budgeting expert claims $15 a day is all you need to feed a ­family of two adults and two teenagers.

Nikki Storey is the Townsville coordinator for Saver Plus and the Smith Family and runs workshops that provide financial education for families on lower incomes.

She has shared her tips to help people save big when they go grocery shopping.

‘Assuming a family has no special food needs, I would suggest that on a tight budget you could probably keep it down to about $15 a day, $200 a fortnight,’ Nikki told the Townsville Bulletin.

According to Study in Australia groceries generally costs $80 to $280 per week, which is more than triple the amount Nikki is spending.

The rapidly rising cost of essentials like housing and education is pushing households deeper into debt, according to the 2017 figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Planning is the key to spending less at the supermarket. If you plan what you will buy before you even go in to the grocery store, it makes it easier to stick to a budget,’ Nikki said.

The mother-of-three spends $100 a week on groceries but some weeks are harder than others if there is something like a birthday.

This money goes towards healthy meals such as tacos, spaghetti, stir-fries and homemade pizza.

Nikki explained that there are often better days to buy particular kinds of produce and she suggested people check when their local supermarket marks down short-dated stock.

She said dairy and bakery items are often marked down on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday afternoon is a good time for meat specials.

She also said that supermarket brand options were a great way to buy the things you love without the cost, especially for families on a tight budget.

‘I think most people would agree that the supermarket brands are much better quality these days … and do not differ too much at all from the “name brands”,’ she said.


1. Always plan your meals in advance and make a list before you go shopping

2. Plan meals around items you already have in the fridge/cupboard

3. If you shop in-store (and don’t use online Click & Collect services), always check mark-down areas for bargains – remember though, needs not wants

4. Study your weekly catalogues and look for specials

5. Use the unit pricing to make sure you are really making a good saving when something is on special

6. Buy home-brand products where possible – most items are good quality these days

7. Buy cleaning products, toiletries, hair-care products and toilet paper in bulk when there is a really good special

8. Check your `cheapie’ shops such as The Reject Shop for toiletries, hair-care and cleaning products

9. Use your loyalty/rewards cards to build up points (you need to shop anyway, so swipe those cards and hopefully save some dollars later)

SOURCE: Daily Mail – Billy Schwab