A Star is Born: Little Tennis Player Keeps Returning Shots in her Own Fantastic Way – And Shows Off Some Great Footwork

A little girl has a very unusual but humorous way of returning shots during a tennis practise session.

Footage shows the talented four-year-old take to the tennis court to show off her impressive skills.

A four-year-old girl shows off her impressive tennis skills – all while moving her feet in an amusing way

Yet as the child – dressed in a pink tutu – waits for the ball to come her way, she can be seen shuffling her tiny feet back and forth in preparation.


Dressed in a tutu, the youngster hits every ball flying her way – so maybe her unusual method is the key to success

Not only is the youngster’s footwork amusing but she also manages to hit the tennis ball flying her way every time.

After she takes her last swing and successfully makes the shot, the amateur player shouts: ‘Come on!’ and fist pumps the air.

Social media users were quick to comment on the humorous footage.

One said: ‘That’s incredible strength and accuracy that little girl has. Impressive!’

Another commented: ‘Nice one! This girl is really good at tennis for her age.’

It is unclear where or when the footage was filmed.