There Is a Devil Loose – So-called Spiritual Healer, 68, ‘Rubbed Holy Oil on 19-year-old Woman’s Stomach and Raped Her While Her Family Downstairs Believed He Was Exorcising Demons’

A spiritual healer twice raped a young woman in her bedroom, under the guise of driving away an evil spirit, whilst her unsuspecting family were downstairs, a jury was told.

The sex attack allegedly took place during a religious candlelit ritual while prayers were being said.

Komar Uddin was said to have rubbed holy oil onto the 19-year-old’s stomach and stroked her back and hips, before sexually touching and twice raping her, it was claimed at Leicester Crown Court.

The 68-year-old defendant, who was described in court as a priest and also a spiritual healer, was invited to help by the woman’s father – who was concerned about his daughter’s fear she was being followed by an evil spirit following the sudden death of a relative.

The alleged victim told the jury that during the private ritual at the family’s Leicester home, Uddin also announced she was pregnant and offered to help make the baby ‘go away’ for £200.

After his arrest two days later, the defendant was released on bail in early 2015 – but left the country.

He was extradited to the UK from Germany last November, the jury was told. Uddin, of no fixed address, denies sexual assault, assault by penetration, causing a female to engage in sexual activity and two counts of rape, on February 25, 2015.

Giving evidence, the woman, said she initially thought it was part of the ‘ritual’ to drive away an evil or bad spirit.

She said Uddin’s voice became ‘scary’ changing to ‘harsh and deep’ during the treatment and she thought it was an evil spirit inside him talking, saying hello in Urdu.

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Source: Daily Mail